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Why visit and ride enduro in Bulgaria?


Still searching the best place to ride enduro? 
Have you ever craved to escape from the busy city but you are not sure where should you visit? 

One of the best hidden gems on the Balkan peninsula –  Bulgaria, is having it all. Undiscovered and genuine mountains that have the beauty of unspoiled nature, easy-to-get location and the best food you ever tasted. Don’t let the picturesque views fool you, the ground is rocky and heavy enough to challenge you to ride enduro!

Bulgarian nature, Rila mountain
1. The Nature

Bulgarian nature is well-known with it’s variety thanks to the four seasons round the whole year. First of all, the mountains – Rila and Pirin resemble the Alps with their rocky peaks and the hundreds of blue glacial lakes, as well as the Balkan massif with the breathtaking views of the waterfalls and meadows. There, you can experience the best enduro rides with high perplexed routes and astonishing landscapes.

four seasons Bulgaria
2. Four Seasons

Above all, the weather is giving you the opportunity to go skiing, surfing, hiking, racing anything endorsing the adrenaline in you. Bansko is the most visited resort for spa and skiing in the winter and also allows you to go hiking in the summer, as you never get bored in there. If you are more a summer person – the Black sea coast is full of places like Burgas and Varna to go jet skiing and sunbathing. Read more for Bulgarian seaside here.

Bulgarian food
3. The Food

Bulgarian cuisine is exquisite as you have never tried something alike before. The products known as bio and organic food in here are just called food. Here the most of the food is homegrown and this is how most of our athletes stay fit. The culture of countries from Middle East and the whole Balkan peninsula influence Bulgarian cuisine. Therefore, dishes like Banitsa, Musaka and Shopska Salad certainly cannot be missed when visiting our country.

Bulgarian foods
  1. The Hospitality

Bulgarian people are famous for their warm welcome and great services in all kinds of accommodation. No matter if it is guest house of five star hotel. Locals will make sure that you are left with the best impression for our country and you are certainly never left hungry for sure.

Visitors can expect to see exclusive places at a very reasonable price as Bulgaria is one of the top best-priced countries to visit in Europe.

Tsarevets monument, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
5. The History and Culture

Our history is preserved during the years as uniting archaeological landmarks from Thracian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval Bulgarian and Ottoman civilizations. Bulgaria is rated the 3rd country in Europe for the quantity of cultural historical monuments. Being established in just 681 makes it one of the first countries in Europe. For that reason, it is so full of historical moments that build our cultural heritage passed from generation to generation. Cities worth visiting are Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Turnovo, Varna, Burgas and many more. 

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