Wheelie Academy Tour

Wheelie:A manoeuvre on a bicycle  or motorbike  in which the front wheel is raised off the ground ‘(Collins dictionary).


“Oh the wheelie is a cool trick” 

Well, the wheelie truly is a manoeuvre and not simply a trick. Yes, it’s exciting to do (and look at!), yes it  feels advanced and boosts your confidence (and social media ‘likes’ if you are into that). But, it’s  much more than a fun trick to do and show off.


How does the wheelie help us improve our enduro skills:


  • The skill of lifting up the front tyre while being in control of the bike helps overcoming obstacles such as: rocks, fallen trees, logs, deep truck tracks (especially in the forest).

  • Better body coordination.

  • Improving balance and concentration.

  • Helps improve spatial awareness.

  • Helps in becoming better and more confident in controlling the bike. 

 Of course, we will be there to support you on your wheelie adventure. 

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Day 1 

Arrival at Sofia airport. Transfer to your cool weekend home! Welcome drink, free time, dinner.

Days 2 and 3

Two days of exciting and absolutely electrifying Wheelie academy. A specially designed and executed wheelie platform attached to one of our shiny bikes will be ready for you. A trainer will help you up and provide support no matter what your riding level is.

Free time options: SPA, hot mineral water, city walks, dinner. Complete joy to the senses. 

Day 4

Option 1: This could be your final day so after breakfast we will take you back to the airport on time for your flight.

Option 2: (Additional payment required)

An extra day of riding! A daily adventure in the forest where you get to test your new balance and confidence skills and have some pure rider joy beating the best tracks in Bulgaria.


A variety of 4+* hotels depending on location. Breakfast is included. For your comfort we choose hotels with SPA facilities. All our guests are accommodated in a double room. Any changes might be subject to additional charge depending on the area and hotel requirements. 
Breakfast and dinner are at the hotel, lunch is at the typical taverns or small restaurants in the forest.
Don’t worry you can eat peacefully with the riding gear on! 
Instructor and Tour Manager

Your instructor will be Smilen Kabakchiev, father of the superenduro world champion Teodor Kabakchiev.

He will guide you through the process of learning how to control your bike on one wheel, teaching you the proper techniques and safety measures necessary to perform a wheelie safely and effectively from full beginners to pros. .



PRICING – 1030 euros per person

Tour Duration  

4 days (3 nights stay at a hotel) with 2 days riding 

What’s Included

Transfer from the airport and back, all local transportation costs, 3 nights accommodation room, breakfast, lunch, dinner, mechanic, professional instructor, wheelie trainer and fuel. Constant communication with the instructor via earphones.

Lots of fun and good memories, as well as learning one of the basic techniques for smooth crossing of bumpy terrains and roads in the forest.


What Should be Paid Extra

Alcohol, flying tickets. 


Riding Gear

As we do understand the bother of flying and carrying your own gear we could rent equipment for riding, just let us know in advance of your sizes so we could prepare in advance. Renting gear per day is charged 55 euros per person.


Reservation Deposit is 100 euro per rider to be sent to our Bank Account/PayPal/Revolut. Rest of the Tour price is payable upon arrival. 

Please note, In case of cancellation due to any reason – the deposit is not refundable but you could use it for rescheduling for new tour or provide another person to use your deposit

Bike Rental


Let's make your Wheelie tour unforgettable!

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