From Kirkovo to Makaza

Come and try From Kirkovo to Makaza and back

From Kirkovo to Makaza and Back is the last competition in the Bulgarian championship for 2019.

The 1st day is Navigation (enduro riding on a slightly marked track with GPS system – the format is similar to the Romaniacs). The 2nd day is Prologue – Superenduro style race, super attractive held in an old military base. Beautiful landscapes and forest trails are followed all-day-long.

The classes are the following:

STANDARD – the easiest one (compared to Romaniacs Iron)
EXPERT – technical tracks and trails (Bronze)
PRO – the hardest and most technical class (Silver) 
The package can be combined with riding days before or after the race. We are flexible, contact us and we can make everything you want.


All included in the price

Duration of the race:

Two days: one day navigation and one day race

Arrival/ Departure

Sofia or Plovdiv Airport, transport to race included

Average distance per day

70-90km - depending on the difficulty of the class


1,2,3 (Standart, Expert and Pro) depending on the client's wish

Duration of a ride per day

around 5-8 hours

In the price for From Kirkovo to Makaza and Back is included:

Transfer from airport to the race (Sofia or Plovdiv airport to the race and return after the race)

Motorcycle rental (brand new 2019 bikes)


* Original Setup

* Authentic FAN with automatic switch

* Skid plate for the motor

* Originally de-restricted and latest CPU software

* New enduro tyres

* Full gas tank

* All bikes are registered with number plates

* Valid civil liability insurance

Race assistance:

* Daily service of your bike by professional mechanics

* Service car at the service point during the off-road days * Spare parts if needed


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