We get it, you’ve now been on a couple of tours or you’ve taken some lessons and you are starting to feel more and more confident on the enduro bike. Your posture is getting better, your technique is improving.

 At this point that nagging thought appears that makes you wonder if it is not the right time to buy an enduro bike. Trust us, we get it, we’ve been there ourselves, long before this became our profession. 

Usually it goes like this “If I have a bike I will know it’s my own, I can buy cool stickers, personalise it”, “I can ride whenever” and so on.

However, renting a bike does have some advantages that usually remain out of this thought process but they mustn’t be underestimated.

We from Enduro-Ride following what we’ve learnt over the years from our clients, multiple tours, enduro school and mostly through supporting a world class athlete such as Teodor Kabakchiev, thought we could share some useful information with you so you can make a conscious choice. 

  • Financial advantage 

Did you know that the average price of a new enduro bike equals what you would pay to rent a bike weekly for 55-60 weeks? Yeap, no kidding.

  • Bike type 

Buying your own bike is a huge financial commitment. Often buying a brand new bike does not fit the budget. The next option would be an older model or a second hand bike. However, here you risk the quality as there are some parameters such as actual mileage, service history, maintenance over the years that could be tricky to follow. 

When renting a bike from us you are getting a new, original, race enduro bike, certified KTM that has been properly and thoroughly serviced and is ready at any time. 

→ Take a look at our selection here.

  • Maintenance and service 

Riding and having fun is one thing, however no matter how good of a rider you are, the time for service comes faster than you would like to.

With your own bike you should have checked that you have a garage you can trust nearby. What is more you need to be certain of the quality of the tools they work with as well as the parts they order in. The location is essential as the bike needs to be taken there on a platform. And you need to do that. It’s your bike, remember?

Rent it, leave the trouble to us.

  • Washing  

“We like it dirty”. Yes, we love saying that, however it’s us who wash the bikes after. Washing dirt bikes is not as easy as you might think. It requires time, patience, tools, washing liquids, washing tools…

When renting from us we get to do all that! Unless you wish to help, of course 🙂

  • Transportation 

When buying a bike you also need to have an automobile with a drawbar and enough power to pull a platform with your bike on it. Obviously you would need a platform as well. You need a space to store all these. They are essential for transporting your bike to riding spots, service points, competitions etc.

  • Storage 

You must also provide a secure storage space for your bike. Those bikes, unfortunately, could be relatively easily stolen. You would need a secured garage with security cameras and lockable doors.

What’s more, safe storage is also key to preserving the bike from harsh weather conditions.

  • Accidents   

The enduro bike often ends up tossed, thrown, fallen with broken this or that, scratched, messed up, smashed radiator, pierced tyre, engine issue…It comes with the territory. However, these damages apart from getting your bike out of the game for an unknown time period (transportation to service garage, availability of mechanics, parts etc.) are also expensive to fix. 

When renting a bike from Enduro Ride  we offer an insurance, which for a small fee covers any damage, no matter of the actual cost of the service, 

  • Wait…there’s more! 

Your bike will be ready to meet you at any point in Bulgaria. You’d like to ride around Bansko and the Pirin mountain range today? Tomorrow you wish to go to Rila mountain and the famous Borovets resort? No problem!

You might wish to ride from the capital Sofia up the mountain and reach the black sea in a couple of days? You guessed it – no problem!

What’s more our guides will take you along fun, challenging routes with breathtaking views while also noting the important sites of historic and cultural significance. What a treat!

  • Kids and bikes 

Kids start off with smaller bikes, however they quickly progress to bigger and bigger ones as they improve fast. Then, a neverending enduro bike and shopping spree begins. Which is both financially and logistically challenging. Just ask Smilen Kabakchiev about Teodor Kabakchiev’s Therefore, when kids are concerned renting is definitely the best option. Here at Enduro Ride we will make sure that your kid is equipped with the best bike for their age, height, weight and level. Not only that, but professionals such as Smilen and Teodor Kabakchiev will be advising you on the next steps and will help you select a bike when the time comes. 

  • Competitions 

You are looking into joining a competition but you don’t have a bike? Say no more! We’re providing our race bike service for competitions in Bulgaria and abroad. The bike will be adapted to your personal needs and riding style. We also offer a full service for the duration of the competition including bike transportation (just meet us there ;)), sitting area, shade and service when needed. 

See more here.

  • Who’s behind it all ?

We’re saving the best for last. When you rent from Enduro Ride, apart from all of the advantages in favour of renting a bike we listed above, you are also getting as a tour guide and trainer no one other but Smilen Kabakchiev the person who created the worldwide famous Teodor Kabakchiev- literally and figuratively. His father, irreplaceable partner along the way to the top, his permanent coach and trainer.  

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