New Rider Tour

 Have you ever wanted to get on an enduro bike and explore the mountains?

But then immediately thought – “There’s no way I can do it, it’s too difficult!” or “I haven’t been on a bike in a while, there’s no way I can go on a whole day tour.”

But No! Let’s do it! The concept of Enduro-Ride by Team Kabakchiev is that with the appropriate guidance, personal focus and approach as well as a high dose of cheer and encouragement, enduro really is for EVERYONE. 

And to walk that walk we’ve created a special offer: The New Rider Tour aimed at complete beginners or those with some general experience on a bike but not yet confident independent riders. 

There is no need to ride like our number 1 Teodor Kabakchiev in order to enjoy a frolic ride, as much as you don’t need to be Michael Phelps in order to go for a swim.

Join us for a ride!



Jour 1 

Arrival at Sofia Airport and transfer to the hotel in the mountains.

Day 2 Enduro School

Full fresh breakfast and off to the bikes! It’s time for Enduro School. Here our guides and trainers will work with you entirely based on your skills and level of comfort. You will learn some basic theory and then you will get used to the bike itself while working on command, balance and posture.


Jour 3

Today we hit the tracks! With all the new skills and rider confidence you’ve gained from the Enduro School day it’s time to have fun in the forest. We will take nice and easy paths, accommodating personal skills and what you feel comfortable with. It’s time to just enjoy the enduro adventure! 

Jour 4
Breakfast and transfer to the airport. Not a ‘goodbye’, rather a ‘see you soon’ moment.


Best Time of the Year – Any time, any season
4+ star hotels with great relaxation facilities, SPA and friendly hosts. All our guests are accommodated in a double room. Any changes might be subject to additional charge depending on the area and hotel requirements. 


Les petits déjeuners et les dîners sont servis à l’hôtel. Le déjeuner se fait dans des tavernes typiques ou bien dans de petits restaurants dans la forêt.
Ne vous inquiétez pas, vous pouvez très bien manger sans enlever votre équipement. 
Guide and Tour Manage
Votre guide sera Smilen Kabakchiev, père du champion du monde de superenduro Teodor Kabakchiev, il vous montrera des chemins pour tout niveau – des débutants jusqu’aux professionnels. Teodor Kabakchiev,, so he can show you tracks for all types of riders – from full beginners to pros.

PRICING – 1030 euros per person

(Tour Individuel ou Tour pour Deux se charge 1 225 euros par personne)

Durée du Séjour  

(Tour Individuel ou Tour pour Deux se charge 1 225 euros par personne) 


This tour is targeted at complete beginners or riders with some experience who don’t feel confident enough. 

What’s Included

Transfert de et à l’aéroport, tous les coûts de transport, 3 nuits à l’hôtel, petit déjeuner, déjeuner, dîner, mécanicien, voiture de sécurité, guides professionnels, moto et carburant.

Ce qui doit être payé en plus

Insurance (mandatory) , alcohol, flying tickets.


C’est clair qu’il pourrait être pénible d’apporter son propre équipement de moto, voilà pourquoi nous pouvons vous en louer un. Il suffit de nous dire en avance quelle est votre taille pour qu’on puisse s’organiser. Le prix est de 55 euros par jour par personne.


The first one you need to get in your homeland before you leave as a regular tourist insurance for travelling abroad – it’s a standard procedure but it’s mandatory to get it from your homeland or current place of stay before you fly.

The second insurance – you can get insurance on the bikes for bike damage during the tour – the insurance is charged 45 euros per riding day per bike, in the New Rider Tour you have 2 riding days – therefore it would be 90 euros au total si quelque chose se casse sur la moto.

Otherwise you don’t pay insurance but at the end of the tour whatever is broken needs to be paid as we want to keep the motorcycles tidy and clean for each next tour.


Reservation Deposit is 100 euro per rider to be sent to our Bank Account/PayPal/Revolut. Rest of the Tour price is payable upon arrival. 

Please note, In case of cancellation due to any reason – the deposit is not refundable but you could use it for rescheduling for new tour or provide another person to use your deposit.


Tu en es cap ?

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