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Top 5 reasons to visit Bulgaria and Ride Enduro

Why visit and ride enduro in Bulgaria?


Still searching the best place to ride enduro? 
Have you ever craved to escape from the busy city but you are not sure where should you visit? 

One of the best hidden gems on the Balkan peninsula –  Bulgaria, is having it all. Undiscovered and genuine mountains that have the beauty of unspoiled nature, easy-to-get location and the best food you ever tasted. Don’t let the picturesque views fool you, the ground is rocky and heavy enough to challenge you to ride enduro!

Bulgarian nature, Rila mountain
1. The Nature

Bulgarian nature is well-known with it’s variety thanks to the four seasons round the whole year. First of all, the mountains – Rila and Pirin resemble the Alps with their rocky peaks and the hundreds of blue glacial lakes, as well as the Balkan massif with the breathtaking views of the waterfalls and meadows. There, you can experience the best enduro rides with high perplexed routes and astonishing landscapes.

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Wondering if we provide bike rental?

We always try to ease our customers. What a better way to spend the weekend than just come to the race with bare hands? We provide bikes and service so you don’t have to worry about anything but the race. Easy like that.


The Best Enduro Tours in Bulgaria

Enduro-Ride is the leading company for enduro tours in Bulgaria as we offer high quality and first class service in the whole process of the organization of your tour.

You can choose from the newest models of the brand new KTMs model year 2019 and don’t hesitate that we will make sure that you have the wildest enduro tour with the most reliable machine. 

We focus on proper attitude towards anyone who wants either to learn to ride motorcycles and tries for the first time, to people with great experience who can go over the hardest obstacles in the woods.


We are motivated and prepared to cope with every challenge on the way. Quality is very important for us. That’s the reason why our company is so famous. We have positive thinking and give all of our love, passion and energy in making your perfect stay! 

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