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Enduro Gift Voucher

The enduro gift voucher is appropriate both for hard enduro riders and for people who would like to try some new adventure for the first time.

For the hard riders we have suitable tracks that we can show them around and for the beginners we organize an enduro school where we explain basic techniques and practise the lessons learned.

Each weekend our enduro school is based in Gorna Malina region near Sofia, so if you want to try out some new activity for the first time, you can give it a shot! 

The tours for experienced riders, are conducted in Gabrovo region in the Balkan mountain chain also called Stara Planina which is the longest and the youngest mountain in Bulgaria. The monuments that you will see while riding in are the Shipka monument, Buzludzha monument so you will be able to check out some of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage while enjoying the ride.

Get Your Enduro Gift Voucher at Enduro-Ride

Either a present for your loved ones, or if you would like to experience some new adventure drop us a message and we’ll organize the best offer for you. 

Specify your current experience with motorycles and we’ll adjust the best instructor to your needs.

    Level 1 – Beginner/HobbyLevel 2 – Intermediate/ExpertLevel 3 – Advanced Pro

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