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Enduro Gift Voucher

The enduro gift voucher is appropriate both for hard enduro riders and for people who would like to try some new adventure for the first time.

For the hard riders we have suitable tracks that we can show them around and for the beginners we organize an enduro school where we explain basic techniques and practise the lessons learned.

Each weekend our enduro school is based in Gorna Malina region near Sofia, so if you want to try out some new activity for the first time, you can give it a shot! 

The tours for experienced riders, are conducted in Gabrovo region in the Balkan mountain chain also called Stara Planina which is the longest and the youngest mountain in Bulgaria. The monuments that you will see while riding in are the Shipka monument, Buzludzha monument so you will be able to check out some of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage while enjoying the ride.

Get Your Enduro Gift Voucher at Enduro-Ride

Either a present for your loved ones, or if you would like to experience some new adventure drop us a message and we’ll organize the best offer for you. 

Specify your current experience with motorycles and we’ll adjust the best instructor to your needs.

    Level 1 – Beginner/HobbyLevel 2 – Intermediate/ExpertLevel 3 – Advanced Pro

    Теодор Кабакчиев стана част от екипа на Греъм Джарвис

    Теодор Кабакчиев се присъедини към Jarvis Husqvarna Racing

    Легендарния ендуро шампион Греъм Джарвис събра световните ендуро надежди в един отбор

    Световноизвестният Греъм Джарвис обедини петимата най-успешни млади ендуро състезатели в един отбор – Jarvis Husqvarna Racing, който ще се състезава в световния шампионат по хард ендуро (FIM Hard Enduro World Championship) и английските хард ендуро серии (British Extreme Enduro Championship) през сезон 2021.

    Греъм Джарвис споделя, че това е дългоочакван проект, с който би искал да предаде своите знания и умения на следващия световен шампион, независимо от трудностите през последната година. Джарвис обещава, че докато физиката му позволява, ще продължи да се състезава и да прави това, което обича най-много. В началото на тази година, той преподписа договорът си с Rockstar Husqvarna Factory Race Team за сезон 2021 и благодарение на подкрепата на Husqvarna начинанието за собствен отбор е възможно. 

    Отборът се състои от Джоно Ричардсън (Jono Richardson, 29), Уил Хоар (Will Hoare, 22), Сам Уинтербърн (Sam Winterburn, 25), Грант Чърчолд (Grant Churchward) и Теодор Кабакчиев, който е единственият член на отбора, който не е родом от Великобритания.


    Подкрепен от Еконт, Теодор Кабакчиев е в Испания от ноември 2020 където се подготвя за следващия състезателен сезон през 2021, а от няколко седмици тренира заедно с новия му ендуро ментор Греъм Джарвис. 

    Кабакчиев направи следващата стъпка в професионалната си кариера като смени мотора и вече ще се състезава с Husqvarna TE 300i 2021. Присъединяването му към отбора на Джарвис е най-амбициозната стъпка в неговото развитие, което гарантира постигането на неоспорими успехи. 

    Стремежите на Теодор за тази година са да влезе в топ 5 на състезателите от световния хард ендуро шампионат (FIM) и да даде високи резултати в английския хард ендуро шампионат, в който не е карал до сега. 

    Теодор Кабакчиев е най-голямата надежда на България в ендуро спорта, като припомняме, че спечели първата световна титла за България в историята на мотоциклетния спорт, дисциплина суперендуро до 23-годишни за 2020-та година. 

    Теодор има всички качества, мотивация и талант да достигне нови висини в професионалния спорт и да представи България на глобално ниво. 

    Ние от Team Kabakchiev го подкрепяме безрезервно, искрено се гордеем с него и вярваме, че това е началото на нещо велико за българския спорт. 

    Статията в оригинал: https://enduro21.com/en/racing/latest/extreme-enduro/graham-jarvis-sets-up-his-own-hard-enduro-race-team

    Teodor Kabakchiev has joined Graham Jarvis Team

    Teodor Kabakchiev has joined Jarvis Husqvarna Racing

    Repost: https://enduro21.com/en/racing/latest/extreme-enduro/graham-jarvis-sets-up-his-own-hard-enduro-race-team

    Bulgarian Verson: https://enduro-ride.com/teodor-kabakchiev-jarvis-husqvarna-team/ 

    For more information, press only:

    PR and Sponsorship Contact
    Roger Evans – Commercial Director
    Tel: +44 7843 346270

    Legend of the sport launches new 5 Rider Team for the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship and British Extreme Enduro Championship

    “Hard Enduro legend and Rockstar Husqvarna Factory rider, Graham Jarvis fulfils a long-standing ambition to develop talented Hard Enduro future champions by launching his own team. Jarvis is hoping the new 8 Round FIM Championship in 2021 will be the perfect showcase for his young stars, passing on all his experience to find the next world champion.

     Jarvis Husqvarna Racing has secured some of the most exciting and promising young riders; Bulgaria’s Teodor Kabakchiev, Yorkshire‘s hot trio – Jono Richardson, Will Hoare, Sam Winterburn and experienced Welsh rider Grant Churchward.

    Jarvis himself has re-signed again for Rockstar Husqvarna Factory Race Team in 2021 and is planning to devote a large part of his busy schedule to racing in the FIM World Championship and developing the new team.

    Jarvis commented; ‘We know 2020 has been a tough year but we’re optimistically planning and hoping that 2021 can get back as close to normal for everyone. 

    I’m often asked when I might stop racing,but as long as I can be competitive and my fitness allows it, I’m going to continue doing what I love. Starting my own race team gives me another opportunity to be active in the sport and hopefully develop the champions of the future which would give me as great a sense of achievement as anything to date.  Husqvarna have been incredibly supportive in this venture and we hope to repay that with some great performances.’


    Teodor has been riding motorcycles since the age of 4 and has been an outstanding competitor in the Bulgarian race scene ever since, showing his skills and persistence to always achieve better results.

    Teodor on Wikipedia

    – Super Enduro World Champion for 2020 in Junior ClassThe first Bulgarian to ever win a motorcycle world title.
    – Red Bull Romaniacs 2020 – 8th place Gold class
    – Two times BMU European Champion
    – The best Enduro rider in the Balkans winning championships in Greece, Turkey, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    – U
    nbeaten in the Bulgarian Championship – 1st place in pro class 7 years in a row. 

    Teodor’s personal development plan has him taking the next step as a rider, joining Jarvis Husqvarna Racing which will undoubtedly help him unlock his full potential and he hopes, vindicate Graham’s belief in his ability and future potential. 

    Although the world has changed in the last 12 months, Teodor has continued to develop his skills, endurance and energyand practice riding as much as possible which showed most evidently with the exceptional 8th place at Romaniacs. 

    Teodor has the all the talent and the motivation to bring the team to the top in the next few years. 

    ‘I hope 2021 will be the year I break into the top 5 in the FIM World Championship and I will hopefully be able to gain even more riding experience in the UK Extreme Championship too. “

    Joining Jarvis Team is the biggest step in Teodor Kabakchiev’s professional progress and is giving real time results by following Graham Jarvis’ advice and guidance. 

    Teodor Kabakchiev (22)  became the first Bulgarian to ever win a world title by winning the superenduro world championship in 2020, as this is the biggest accomplishment for the Bulgarian motorcycle sport of all times.

    We at Team Kabakchiev and Enduro-Ride are extremely proud of Teodor’s latest achievements, and we frankly believe that the best is yet to come.

    Stay tuned for more! 🔔


    Top 5 reasons to visit Bulgaria and Ride Enduro

    Why visit and ride enduro in Bulgaria?


    Still searching the best place to ride enduro? 
    Have you ever craved to escape from the busy city but you are not sure where should you visit? 

    One of the best hidden gems on the Balkan peninsula –  Bulgaria, is having it all. Undiscovered and genuine mountains that have the beauty of unspoiled nature, easy-to-get location and the best food you ever tasted. Don’t let the picturesque views fool you, the ground is rocky and heavy enough to challenge you to ride enduro!

    Bulgarian nature, Rila mountain
    1. The Nature

    Bulgarian nature is well-known with it’s variety thanks to the four seasons round the whole year. First of all, the mountains – Rila and Pirin resemble the Alps with their rocky peaks and the hundreds of blue glacial lakes, as well as the Balkan massif with the breathtaking views of the waterfalls and meadows. There, you can experience the best enduro rides with high perplexed routes and astonishing landscapes.

    Continue reading >

    The Best Enduro Tours in Bulgaria

    Enduro-Ride is the leading company for enduro tours in Bulgaria as we offer high quality and first class service in the whole process of the organization of your tour.

    You can choose from the newest models of the brand new KTMs model year 2019 and don’t hesitate that we will make sure that you have the wildest enduro tour with the most reliable machine. 

    We focus on proper attitude towards anyone who wants either to learn to ride motorcycles and tries for the first time, to people with great experience who can go over the hardest obstacles in the woods.


    We are motivated and prepared to cope with every challenge on the way. Quality is very important for us. That’s the reason why our company is so famous. We have positive thinking and give all of our love, passion and energy in making your perfect stay! 

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